First list after community input

First list after community input


>Clone Captain Rex 90 + 23 = 113 --Vigilance (5), Offensive Push (4), Electrobinoculars (8), Portable Scanner (6) Too many upgrades. Binos and Scanner both take Actions to use, and Rex will need to move with his men to contribute to attacks and get the most out of his command cards. I'd strip him down to just OPush, and maybe Jetpack to get out of danger if needed. >Clone Commander 55 + 25 = 80 --Aggressive Tactics (15), Offensive Push (4), Portable Scanner (6) Tactics requires this guy to issue orders, you'll probably want to use all 3 of Rex's cards, so you're only issuing orders a maximum of 4 times. Bolter will give you one extra face up token, and Fives using Coordinate can make another but you're unlikely to maximise the 4 surges every turn. I'd try it a few times and see how often you get good results, not saying it's bad, just playtest a bit because 15pts is a lot. Same critique on the scanner as Rex, it takes an action that you probably can't spare. You'll be Bolster-ing most turns, which only leaves 1 other thing to do, such as attacking, or moving, especially if he's got OPush. Perhaps chuck Vigilance on here instead of Rex. It's good to have in the list somewhere, have a play around with which character gets best utility. >4x Phase I Clone Troopers 52 + 23 = 75 x 3 = 225 --Z-6 Phase I Trooper (23) Solid core. I'd try to get some P2 eventually, the extra courage and Reliable makes them a bit more solid than pure P1, but there's nothing wrong with these at all. >Arc Troopers 78 + 4 = 82 --Overwatch (4) ARC's best damage is at range 2, which doesn't mesh well with Overwatch/taking Standby actions. If you want to run a full squad stick in a heavy (Lethal is good), take OPush, and consider jetpacks. Cluster around Rex and go smash some face. >Arc Troopers (Strike Team) 27 + 42 = 69 --Fives (36), Overwatch (4), Recon Intel (2) Strike teams are almost exclusively for snipers. I'd bump Fives off to P1 or Arcs and make this a generic sniper team. Then drop overwatch and Intel, they'll just move-shoot with the sniper each turn. >BARC Speeder 60 + 15 = 75 --BARC Twin Laser Gunner (15) It's not a particularly strong unit, but you can get some use out of having native surge-crit and having other units firesupport into the pool. >AT-RT (Republic) 65 + 15 = 80 --AT-RT Laser Cannon (10), Linked Targeting Array (5) Vehicles are in a tough spot with the republic as the Clone Trooper keyword is so intrinsic to their strength. Laser is not a strong choice. You'll rarely get all 3 dice onto the target to consistently benefit from Impact 3. Either gatling for more dice (though really, more clones would be better) or flamethrower to cover/distract from Rex and his mob pushing in. Consider how often it will receive orders to make use of the LTA. Overall, 9 is a respectable number of activations, probably just want to trim and shuffle stuff around a bit. If you can skim some points off to get a bid that would be useful too. Republic play fairly statically, and you'll get wrecked in Breakthrough or Bombing Run if your opponent has built for it.


I'm pretty sure you are misunderstanding Electrobinoculars and Portable Scanner. Both of those would require an action to use to hand a single token to another unit. That's normally pretty terrible, even before you consider that he can do almost the same thing by just Dodging or Aiming and then letting another Clone Trooper use it per their ability.