Regional Advocacy for Hepatitis C issues


1. HCV Engagement and Press Release on HCV issues at 9th ICAAP.
During 9th ICCAP, there were no sessions around HCV. The Regional organizations put together a session after much dialogue with the LOC of the 9th ICAAP. After the session, a Press release was made to address the HCV issue which was published in many Newspapers including Jakarta post.

2. Letter to and Response from Dr Michel Kazatchkine on HCV related issues
During 9th ICAAP in Bali, representatives of Regional and community organizations were invited by Global fund and Open Society Institute to have an interaction. During the meeting, the community representatives raised several issues to the Global fund, including HCV related issues. Michel Kazatchkine, Executive Director, Global fund against AIDS, TB and Malaria. After ICAAP, the Regional Representatives made a follow up and Michel K responded on what could is being done.

3. 1st South and South East Asia Regional Community meeting on HCV Issues Final Report
During June 2010, Treatment activist from South and South East Asian countries, Representatives from Regional and National organizations came together to start discussing on what are the issues and what needs to be done to start advocating for Access to HCV related services.

4. Gratitude letter to Minister of Health, Government of Indonesia
Government of Indonesia played an exemplary Leadership role in the 63rd World Health Assembly by cosponsoring and ensuring that the Viral hepatitis Resolution is adopted. In gratitude to such an act of leadership, the Regional Organizations sent a Gratitude letter to The Minister of Health, Government of Indonesia.

5. Dying of a curable disease - hepatitis C (HCV)
In accord with the 63rd World Health Assembly Resolution on viral hepatitis earmarking July 28 as World Hepatitis Day, Regional Organizations working on HIV and AIDS in Asia issued a Press release expressing serious concerns about HCV related deaths amongst People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and people who use drugs (PUD).

6. Letter to WHO for developing Asia specific Rx guide for HCV
Letter sent to WHO (SEARO and WPRO) for developing an Asia specific and Asian experiences informed Guideline for Diagnosis, Management and Treatment for hepatitis C.