Campaigners Slam EU-India FTA Talks

Ongoing free trade agreement talks between the EU and India have been “hijacked” by big business with potentially dire consequences for small farmers, fisherman, shop owners, and unions, ...

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Activists fear deal will hurt Aids care

  Health activists fear a trade deal between the European Union and India will reduce access to life-saving drugs in developing countries. Talks are being held to finalise the India-EU ...

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Trade Invaders – How big business is driving the EU-India free trade negotiation

A new joint report from Corporate Europe Observatory and India FDI Watch reveals how, in the negotiations for a trade deal between the EU and India, the EU ...

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Current Projects



Civil Society Action Team (CSAT)



What is CSAT?

The Civil Society Action Team (CSAT) is a civil society-led global initiative that coordinates, brokers and advocates for technical support to civil society organizations implementing or seeking grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (TGF). CSAT Asia Pacific (CSAT AP) works with a special focus to promote the engagement and meaningful participation of the Asia Pacific’s key affected populations (KAP).

CSAT has a five-year mandate (2008 – 2013) to:

  1. · Identify civil society technical support needs related to Global Fund proposals and projects
  2. · Link technical support providers with civil society organizations that need support
  3. · Identify possible funding sources for technical support to civil society organizations.
  4. · Advocate for an expanded range of technical support services with providers
  5. · Facilitate civil society input into Global Fund and related UN system coordinating mechanisms
  6. · Promote the inclusion of marginalized groups in all aspects of Global Fund grants

To deliver on this mandate, CSAT identifies opportunities to access Global Fund grants and information on proposal development and grant management, provides information on technical support and guidance available to civil society organizations and, through its community action activities, mobilizes advocacy and action on deadlines and emerging issues in Global Fund grant processes, such as announcements about funding opportunities or new policies aimed at strengthening civil society input in proposal development and grant oversight. For more information regarding CSAT AP please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


CSAT Priorities

• Mobilize civil society organizations to engage with Global Fund opportunities.

• Improve access of community organizations to technical support and capacity building.

• Advocate for the participation of key populations in HIV and AIDS programs funded by the Global Fund.

CSAT Asia Pacific Report Quarter 1-4 for Jan – Dec 2009 and CSAT Annual Report  2008 are available in PDF format:

For more information about CSAT, please visit and Download CSAT poster in PDF format here.

Detail of the Current Projects of 7sisters is available in PDF format. (Current Projects)

Levis Strauss Foundation (PDF)