Campaigners Slam EU-India FTA Talks

Ongoing free trade agreement talks between the EU and India have been “hijacked” by big business with potentially dire consequences for small farmers, fisherman, shop owners, and unions, ...

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Trade Invaders – How big business is driving the EU-India free trade negotiation

A new joint report from Corporate Europe Observatory and India FDI Watch reveals how, in the negotiations for a trade deal between the EU and India, the EU ...

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Activists fear deal will hurt Aids care

  Health activists fear a trade deal between the European Union and India will reduce access to life-saving drugs in developing countries. Talks are being held to finalise the India-EU ...

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Coalition Governance Documentation

The Seven Sisters are working together to strengthen the capacity of each network member to respond HIV/AIDS epidemic in a timely and effective manner. By coming together as a Coalition, a stronger, more united voice will emerge, particularly in the following areas: advocacy, coalition building and programme interventions and capacity building and leadership development.


A society where human rights of the those most affected by HIV/AIDS are respected and the impact of HIV/AIDS is mitigated through the meaningful involvement of those key affected populations that achieves their equal and equitable access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

OUR MISSION (2008-2012)

The Coalition (7S) mission is to raise awareness, collectively mobilize resources and strengthen and sustain the participation of the Asia and the Pacific KAP for an integrated and comprehensive more effective response to HIV/AIDS in.


-    Meaningful involvement of Key Affected Populations;
-    Promote and Respect for social, gender equality and sexual diversity;
-    Uphold and ensure human rights standards.
-    Represent unheard voices of the Key Affected Populations at all levels of the AIDS response; Collaboration

based on consultation;
-    Good governance and practice
-    Accountability to Constituents.


  1. The working agreement of the Coalition is now available in PDF format. (Working Agreement PDF)
  2. Code of Conduct (PDF)
  3. 7Sisters Strategic Plan 2010- 2012 (PDF)
  4. 2008 AGM Minutes(PDF)
  5. 2009 AGM Minutes(PDF)
  6. Dec 2009 Key affected populations consultation of Global fund processes(PDF)
  7. Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) Round 9 Asia Pacific Documentation Workshop(PDF).
  8. Journey to Global Fund Round 10, Regional Consultation (PDF)



The Seven Sisters can help you by addressing issues that need political lobbying and pressure either at the regional or national level. You can recommend ways in which the Seven Sisters support will be useful. The Seven Sisters, through its website, will share information on HIV/AIDS related issues, technical support needs (e.g. skills training etc.), resources and funding sources. The Seven Sisters, in the future, will be developing activities related to gender and sexuality, and GIPA (Greater Involvement of PWHAs). The Seven Sisters are interested to learn from your experiences in incorporating these issues in your work.